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Shared remarks from former students...

1.  “The way you helped me tap into my lower resonance and get a fuller sound blew me away,

frankly!  I was really amazed by that, and I can’t wait to have more opportunities to work with you”         Emily Eagen, Doctoral candidate, CUNY, University NY NY


2. “I watched the entire DVD with much joy and loved the information.  Thanks for all your hard work and research, it will help my teaching my pop/belt singers” Carmen Acosta, New Mexico


3.  “Thank you so much for fitting me into your teaching schedule.  I learned a GREAT deal, and I will certainly be able to apply it to many things that I do!  You are a wonderful teacher who has a lot of talent and knowledge and who knows how to SHARE that with students.”

Abbey, Lancaster,PA


4.  “Thank you for all you did during the NATS Internship.  I learned so much from you, both in your masterclass and during your presentation.  We need more teachers out there like you, who know what they’re doing when they teach belt.  Thankfully, at least there’s YOU - now I know where to send my students if they want to pursue musical theatre!  I have a great deal of respect for what you do.”    Christine, University of Wisconsin, Platteville, WI            


5.  “I never knew I could learn so much in just an hour.  It was just fabulous.”

Katie, Cincinnati, OH


5.  “It was wonderful having you as our guest Master class clinician at this year’s Texoma NATS Conference.  I have heard so many positive comments on the classes and the students and teachers all learned a great.  It was a personal privilege for me to get to know you.”

Dr. Paul Piersall, Regional Govenor Texoma NATS


6.  “I wanted to thank you for the wonderful splash you made here in our vocal swimming pool!  You reinforced so many things I work on with my students and left and arsenal of new things and ways to try. I can’t say enough about your energy, enthusiasm and straight to the point style in the way you work!  The Sunday session was pure gold for me-both what you presented and the work you did with us” Michael, Anchorage, AL


7.  “You have been a wonderful voice teacher, taking me from ok, top wonderful.  I was never super proud of my voice, but because of you I really am.  The best thing about your technique, I think, is that it’s tailored to fit the pupil.  You work for each voice, and each part that they are trying to strengthen.  If you don’t have anything in your bag of tricks that accomplishes what you need, you invent something new on the spot!  Truly amazing.  It’s that kind of personalization, creativity, and attention that truly makes all the difference.  Thank you for that!”

Adam. NY, NY


8. “Years ago my teacher let me borrow Stephanie's video (then VCR tape) to help me earn to mix. It was AMAZING! I was 15 years old and was fascinated with singing and how to produce a belt sound. (And thanks to my mother, how to do it safely!) I learned so much that years later I went to New York to take lessons from Stephanie. (I'm sure you don't remember me, but you have had a MAJOR impact on the success of my voice!)


Anyway, to the present time, I use this technique in my own performances and teach it to my students!


If anyone wants to learn to belt/mix safely so that you CAN perform time and time again without risk of injury....THIS is the website and the woman to go to!!


By the way, I still sing opera too! It CAN be done!


Thank you for everything!”

Karmyn, Beverly Hills, CA


PS - Buying the newest DVDs!

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